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  • A diagnosis of head lice will be needed to know if a lice removal treatment is needed. 

  • A manual or visual head head check is the first step of the diagnosis process. If evidence of lice cannot be seen visually, a manual check will be performed. A manual check is done with a  professional grade nit comb and a topical all natural oil serum.

  • If evidence of lice is found on a head check we will recommend a treatment. 

STEP 2: 


  • If evidence of lice is found on a head check we will recommend a treatment. A treatment is the process of manually removing all lice and nits from the head of the host.

  • A manual treatment is also performed using a professional grade nit comb and all natural oil based serum. Aftercare instructions will be given based on infestation level. 

  • Not everyone in the family will have the same infestation level. One person usually has more than the others as they brought it into the home and have had it the longest. Your lice removal technition will specify your individual aftercare plan after all lice and nits have been removed. 



  • All aftercare instructions are based on the life cycle of lice and their eggs including the recheck!


  • It is critical that we do a recheck in 7-10 days after the initial treatment to ensure no lice have returned! 

  • After you recheck we guarantee your services for 2 weeks! If you fail to recheck we make NO guarantees :(


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