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For An Exact Quote You Must Text Pics

Of The Hair Length From The Back 

This lice removal pricing page is provided for customers to get an idea of how much their lice removal treatment will be. We do not charge by the hour so we will be able to quote you an exact rate when you provide pictures of the hair from the back. 1-808-781-8385

Head Checks


The head check fee is NOT waived if treatment is received. A recheck is the same price as a head check. 

Hair that is near the ears and DOES NOT touch the shoulders



Medium Hair


Hair that is past the ears
but above the shoulders

Long Hair Treatment


Hair that touches the shoulders but is above the mid back

Hair that is at the mid back but above the waiste

Extra Long Hair Treatment


Special Pricing 

Hair that is at waiste will be $175. If its past the waiste it will be $200 or MORE depending on length. 

Hair that is Ethnic, Kinky, or Curly will be more based on hair condition, texture, and tightness of curls.

Detangling fees may be added if you fail to bush your hair before your appointment. Please have hair brushed before arrival to avoid this fee. 


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